“Local reporters should prioritize peace journalism”


KABUL: Local media reporters in southeastern Khost province during a one-day workshop on peace reporting on Friday stressed that peace-related reports should be given priority over those of violence.

Ayub Jan Khater, a reporter for Nan FM Radio in Khost, said: “From now on, it is important to use peaceful language in our reports in order to invite all warring to peace and show them that we prioritize peace.”

Nadia Bawari, the head of the Gender department in Khost, said that in view of the ongoing peace talks and the critical point in time, news of peace should be spread instead of reports of violence. “This is an opportunity for Afghans to seize and send a positive message of peace to all sides so that peace can be established and war brought to an end.”

Sakhi Sarwar Miakhel, founder of Gharghat TV in Khost, dubbed peace-favoring reports as need of the hour. He hoped all media outlets would prioritize peace reporting over war reporting because this was a positive change required to move towards peace.

“We must always work on issues that are conducive to peace,” said Star Sarwari, Gharghat TV’s broadcast manager.

The one-day seminar called on journalists to prioritize peace over reports of violence in sensitive situations.