“Balkh women kept in the dark about peace developments”


BALKH: Women from northern Balkh province say people living in rural areas of the province were unaware of the ongoing peace negotiations in Qatar.

A gathering in Balkh Women’s Affairs Department was organized to mobilize women for the ‘End to Violence against Women Campaign’ on Thursday.

Hailing from different districts of Balkh province, the participants believed that unaware women living in rural areas wanted to know what was going in the peace process.

Talking about the achievements of the past two decades, they stressed women in remote areas should be informed about the ongoing peace negotiations.

Shahla Hadid, Balkh Women’s Affairs Department head, acknowledged that rural women weren’t kept in the loop about the intra-Afghan talks, saying her department had nonetheless implemented public awareness programs in collaboration with other relevant organs.

Peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban are ongoing since September 12, however, no breakthroughs have so far been made despite US diplomats’ several attempts to convince the two negotiating parties to resolve their differences.