Peace utmost need of Afghans: Kapisa people


KAPISA: Residents of central Kapisa province say the utmost need of the Afghan people before any other else is peace because a country couldn’t develop without stability.

Kapisa residents made the remarks while sharing their problems with the provincial governor, Abdul Latif Murad, on Monday.

The people said that war could not resolve their problems and the only way for reaching an ultimate solution was a ceasefire and peace in the country.

Abdulhai, a resident of Mahmod Raqi, capital of Kapisa said that peace was the utmost need of the Afghan people and it should be paid heed before focusing on other issues.

He said that the Taliban and the Afghan government should agree on a ceasefire and reach a peace agreement during the ongoing negotiations.

This comes as negotiations between the Taliban and Afghan government negotiators are seemingly at standstill despite informal reports suggest a breakthrough on finalizing procedural rules.

Intra-Afghan talks started in Qatar about two and a half months ago, but no advances have so far been made in the process.