Sustainable peace starts with the proviso of truce: Mohib


KABUL: The Afghan National Security Advisor (NSA) Hamdullah Mohib on Tuesday said a ceasefire was the first and main step for achieving sustainable peace in Afghanistan.

In his address to the Geneva Conference on Afghanistan, Mohib said “The first step is a ceasefire. Peace is not itself a ceasefire; sustainable peace starts with a ceasefire. It starts with a reprieve from the constant slaughter so we can all take a breath.”

He said that Afghan security forces currently conducted 96 percent of operations independently against insurgents and they should be supported in terms of their capabilities and strength, simultaneously with other political processes for achieving peace in the country.

The Afghan government and its international partners should work together on a long-term development agenda that expands service-delivery to the Afghan people and contributes to economic growth, he said.

“We have a long road ahead of us in achieving the end-state of a sovereign, unified, democratic Afghanistan at peace with itself, the region and world, capable of preserving and expanding the gains of the past two decades, but I take confidence in the steadfast commitment of the Afghan government’s negotiating team in Doha, I know that their efforts at the negotiating table reflect the determination of the Afghan people for achieving a sustainable peace,” Mohib added.

He asked the international community to support the Afghan government for achieving an “agreed-upon end state.”

“In terms of development: The Afghan government has laid out its vision for development over the next several years, articulating national programs that prioritize building our market economy and our state institutions, and also, a lasting peace,” he added.

“We look forward to working with our international partners in implementing those programs and making the vision of the ANPDF II a reality that delivers peace and prosperity for the Afghan people,” Mohib concluded.