Paktia people reiterate call for sustainable peace


PAKTIA: A huge number of southern Paktia residents in a gathering lent support to the intra-Afghan talks, government and the Afghan security forces.

The gathering was organized by the Tribal and Border Affairs Department of Paktia in Gardiz city, the provincial capital, on Monday.

Mohammad Zahir Halimi, in charge of public councils of the Ministry of Tribal and Border Affairs, addressing the assemblage said that peace was the need of all the people and all should work for its establishment in the country.

Paktia Governor Mohammad Halim Fedai said that peace was an order from God Almighty and it should be given priority so the divine command was enforced.

“Support to the Afghan security forces and the current government is a guarantee to permanent peace in the country.”

Fedai said that women were the main victims of war and they should be given a role in the ongoing peace negotiations.

Dr. Nazadana Paktiwal, talking on behalf of women in the meeting, asked the international community that women’s rights and the achievements made over the past two decades should be protected in peace talks.

Ulema, tribal elders, provincial council members, youths and other people who took part in the occasion said that the Afghan people wanted an Islam-based peace in their country and supported ongoing talks in Qatar, Afghan security forces and the Afghan government.

They also called upon the warring parties to declare a permanent ceasefire and put an end to the long-running Afghan war.