‘Women’s rights should be paid heed in peace talks’


GHAZNI: Women in a two-day seminar in southern Ghazni province have called on the Afghan government and the Taliban to sacrifice their personal interests and accelerate their efforts for establishing real peace in the country.

The seminar which was held in the provincial capital of Ghazni culminated on Monday.

Liwal Ghazniwal, head of the Public Support Program in Ghazni province, told OrbandNews that peace was a vital need for all the people but women were the main victims of the ongoing conflict in the country.

He said that the seminar was aimed at encouraging the negotiating parties in peace talks to protect the rights of women and facilitate their participation in the process.

Jamila, one of the participants of the program, urged the warring parties to stop being intransigent and work for the success of ongoing peace talks.

She said that the Afghan conflict had no winner and there was a need for accelerated efforts for peace so that the agony of the Afghan people could be mitigated and relieved.

Zainab, another participant of the seminar, is hopeful for peace, saying that all the people, the government and the Taliban should discharge their responsibilities regarding peace in the country.

She said that the conflict in Afghanistan was a proxy war, something the Taliban and the Afghan government should be cognizant of and thus find a peaceful settlement to it.