Prioritize ensuring peace in the country: Bereaved families to Govt.

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GHAZNI: Sultan Jan Kaka, who lost four of his sons to the ongoing war in southern Ghazni province, during a protest demonstration said that they hadn’t received the death benefits of his sons since the last three years.

Sultan Jan Kaka was one of many other protestors who gathered in front of the department of Martyrs and Disabled Affairs in the capital of Ghazni province.

The demonstrators said that they weren’t paid the death gratuity for their beloved ones killed in the war against the Taliban.

Urging the Afghan president to provide them their survivors’ benefits, the bereaved families called for peace in the country so that no other people fell victim to the conflict.

Fida Mohammad is another elder man who lost two of his sons serving in the Afghan security forces. “I am disabled and cannot work, I have sacrificed two of my sons for the country, but today, I am tired of knocking every door [government organizations] to seek the death benefits for my sons,” he lamented.

A tribal elder, Haji Abdul Bari, who also joined the protest, said that they sacrificed their children for the defense of the country but the government was careless in providing benefits to the household of the lost soldiers.

He said that if the government was unable to provide these benefits, then it should at least prioritize ensuring peace in the country.