Ghani urges UN to enforce Taliban curbs as key to Doha talks’ success


KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has reiterated that the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is recognized as a legitimate state and that the UN doesn’t recognize the Islamic Emirate.

Addressing a UNSC conference regarding the Afghan peace negotiations on Friday night, he said “today’s meeting on peace in Afghanistan demonstrates the strong commitment of the United Nations Security Council to bring peace and stability to Afghanistan.”

“Afghanistan is at the forefront of the fight against global terrorism. We are fighting together to defeat terrorism and can only achieve peace when we stand side by side,” he added.

Meanwhile, he called on the UNSC to put pressure on the Taliban through implementing sanctions, as a key instrument for the negotiations’ success with the Taliban.

“The Taliban are yet to fulfill the conditions set. Sanctions can only be effective if implemented by all,” Ghani stated.

During the meeting, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Finland condemned the increased level of violence perpetrated by the Taliban, saying “The current level of violence of the Taliban, especially against civilians, is unacceptable. It undermines the peace negotiations and a ceasefire is urgently needed.”

This comes as the intra-Afghan talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban in Doha have been sluggishly progressing while the war in the country has intensified. However, recent informal reports suggest the negotiating sides have almost reached an agreement on procedural rules, something that would pave the ground for further substantive talks.