Nangarhar civil activists urge Taliban to observe a truce


NANGARHAR: Members of the Bawar Movement, a civil society group operating in eastern Nangarhar province, have called on the Taliban to observe a ceasefire and thus pave the ground for peace.  

At a gathering on Thursday in Jalalabad city, the provincial capital, they said they would fight against the tyranny and oppression of the Taliban, ISIS, the government and mafia, and free the nation from these menaces.

The gathering was held near the preacher of non-violence Abdul Ghaffar Khan’s mausoleum as the participants raised their voice to fight against the ongoing insecurity, corruption, and miseries in Afghanistan.

Najibullah Azad, the movement’s leader, while referring to the militants said they would hold the insurgent group and the Afghan government accountable for the miseries inflicted on Afghans.

The aim of the gathering was to call on the Taliban to stop fighting, make peace and declare a ceasefire, said a member of the Bawar movement, Obaidullah Qani.