Imran Khan’s visit provokes protests against Pakistan, terrorism


GHAZNI: Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan’s visit to Kabul on Thursday was marred by protests across Afghanistan as the country was accused of maintaining a hypocrite policy towards Afghans, as well as funding and supporting terrorism.

Hundreds of protestors in Khost province rallied on Thursday, chanting slogans against the country. “Pakistan is still a source of funding for terrorism; the country still upholds ties with terrorists,” read their protest signs.   

This is while a day ahead of Khan’s visit, people in Paktika staged a rally while hundreds of residents of southern Kandahar province also protested on Friday.

Hundreds of tribal leaders, youths, and social activists carried anti-terrorism and anti-Pakistan posters, saying Pakistan was still a safe-haven for terrorists and unless the country changed its policy, “such trips are futile.”

Qadir Shah, a protester, told OrbandNews that Pakistan maintained a doubled-faced policy towards Afghans and Afghanistan. “On the one hand, they sympathize with the Taliban and on the other, they show the Afghan government that they are playing their part in the peace process.”

The protestors called on Pakistan to change its policy towards Afghanistan, cut off financial support to terrorists and put an end to the terrorist sanctuaries in the country.

This comes as following PM Imran Khan’s visit, the Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement on Thursday evening, saying Afghanistan and Pakistan had agreed on a shared vision to support peace and stability in both countries and the wider region.

“During the visit, an agreement was reached on Shared Vision to Support Peace and Stability in both countries and in the wider region.”

The statement called the document highly important, saying the basic principles of the agreement comprised cooperation between the two countries – in the field of peace, security and economic development.