Consult us for aid distribution in Afghanistan: Taliban to Int’l community


KABUL: The Taliban insurgent group has asked the international community to coordinate with them all the assistance that pours into Afghanistan.

In a statement on Wednesday night, the Taliban said that all aid coming to Afghanistan should be distributed in coordination with the insurgent group. Naeem Mohammad, the group’s Qatari spokesman, stressed that “for this aid to reach the nation and the deserving people transparently and fairly, the best way is for the international institutions to distribute such aid in coordination with the Islamic Emirate.”

He claimed the aid being distributed was going to the wrong people. “The aid that is collected in the name of the nation does not reach the deserving and is neither requested nor supported by the Islamic Emirate [Taliban].”

“Therefore, we call on the world and all international organizations to ensure that the aid collected in the name of the nation reaches the nation,” the group said in the statement.

In response to the Taliban’s statement, Shah Hussain Murtazavi, former deputy presidential spokesman, said “after the drug trade, looting of mines and extortion, the Taliban now intend to gain tithes from the international community.”

This comes as the Geneva Conference is predicted to start on November 23, which will bring over 70 countries and organizations together that will pledge their funding plans to Afghanistan for the next four years.