War-hit families want all sides to agree on peace


BALKH: Families of war victims in northern Takhar province have called on the warring parties in the country to agree on peace for the sake of the children who are being orphaned and the mothers being widowed.

At a gathering on Thursday in Taloqan city, the capital of the province, the war-affected households stressed that the Taliban should stop violence and show flexibility in the peace negotiations.

The bereaved families also questioned the ongoing peace talks in Qatar for being futile and sluggish so far.

Meanwhile, Takhar Governor Abdullah Qarluq said “War is catastrophic for all the Afghan people and real efforts must be made to bring peace and stability to the country.”

Qarluq praised the sacrifices made by Afghan security forces and stressed that the demands of their families for peace would be heeded.

Ending violence and bloodshed, taking care of the victims’ families, a permanent ceasefire, achieving peace and stability were the main demands of the participants in the gathering.