Islamic Revolution Movement lends support to peace talks

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HERAT: Members and supporters of the Islamic Revolution Movement (IRM) in western Herat province have called for a prompt end to violence in the country, saying peace without sacrifices was not possible.

The statements were made in a gathering of IRM in the capital of Herat province on Wednesday.

The participants of the gathering called on the Taliban and the Afghan government to stay committed to their pledge of bringing peace and ending the war in Afghanistan.

Maulavi Abdul Hakim Munib, leader of the movement, while addressing the gathering asked the neighboring countries to support Afghanistan in the ongoing peace process so that the war-ravaged country achieves the desirable peace agreement.

A number of Ulema who attended the conference said that the ongoing war in the country was among Afghans and it should be stopped as soon as possible.

The participants said that the rights of people and the national interests of the country should be protected in the peace process and a solution should be reached soon so Afghans no longer have to be the victims of the ongoing violence.