Paktika protestors say Pakistan should alter policy towards Afghanistan


GHAZNI: Dozens of protestors in Argon district of southern Paktika province on Wednesday said they would continue to regard Pakistan as a terrorist country if it did not change policy towards Afghanistan.

The demonstrators who gathered in the center of Argon district on Wednesday morning asked Pakistani officials to stop sending their fighters to southern provinces for terrorism.

Pakistan had always played the role of fuelling proxy wars in Afghanistan because terrorists trained in the neighboring country were sent to fight Afghans, they alleged.

The residents urged the Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan and the country’s army chief, Gen. Qamar Javed Bajwa, to prove their honesty and commitment to Afghan peace by fighting against terrorism and discharging a real role in the Afghan peace process.

About Pakistani officials’ upcoming trip to Afghanistan, they said that they were not optimistic as the Afghan people no longer trusted them, given the country’s continued terrorism-tainted reputation and support for such activities.

They asked the Taliban to agree to peace with the Afghan government as peaceful Afghanistan would deter foreign interferences in the country.

The protest in Paktika comes a day ahead of the Pakistani Prime Minister’s planned visit to Kabul. Imran Khan is expected to talk about peace, economic, military and commercial cooperation between the two countries during his visit.