War-exhausted Badghis people seek Int’l community’s support to Afghan peace

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HERAT: Hundreds of residents of Qala-e-Naw city, the capital of western Badghis province, demanded an end to war, urging regional countries and the international community to support the peace process in Afghanistan.

These people, including provincial council members, civil society activists, Ulema and influential figures, gathered in a rally on Tuesday, chanting slogans reading “No to wars; People want peace.”

They said the will of the Afghan nation should be respected and the rights they deserve should be provided. The Afghan people want equal rights, freedom, brotherhood and social justice, the people added.

According to local residents, around a hundred people, including the Taliban, security forces and civilians lose their lives to the ongoing conflict daily; all of them are Afghans.

The participants of the gathering said that mothers, orphans and widowed women who have intensely suffered from war should be commiserated with and they should be no longer compelled to witness bloodshed.

Provincial council members also said that Afghans were tired of decades-long conflict and they wanted peace.

People then prayed for the return of peace and end of the war in their country and hoped the agony of the Afghan nation suffered would be healed one day.