Nangarhar tribesmen pledge to encourage Taliban for peace


NANGARHAR: Tribal elders from six districts of eastern Nangarhar province in a huge gathering have offered to talk with the Taliban and persuade them to cease insurgency and join the peace process.

They said that they were awaiting the outcome of the intra-Afghan negotiations to see if the Taliban and Afghan officials reach an agreement. “Otherwise, if the talks yield no result, we would directly ask the Taliban to stop the unabated violence.”

The tribesmen also created a unity council through which they would discuss key issues in their region and demand their rights from relevant quarters and authorities.

Hamisha Gul Muslim, one of the tribal elders in the gathering, said that they try to encourage the Taliban for peace. “We will struggle day and night for discouraging the rebels from war and tell them to join the peace process,” he stated.  

Abdul Hakim Haqyar, another tribal elder held similar views and stressed the government should support the Shinwari tribe in improving their security and even protecting the Afghan territory against foreign aggression.  

“The government does not want the Shinwari region to get united because it seeks its interests in destruction. There are figures in the government who divide ethnic groups so they stay in power,” he alleged.

Bandar Shinwari, head of the Shinwari Unity Council, promised the council would not be used for the personal interests of anyone as it would work only for resolving problems of the people in the region.

People of the Shinwari tribe live in six districts, including Achin, Haska Mina, Spin Ghar, Door Baba, Nazian and Ghanikhel of Nangarhar province. Most of these areas lie along the Durand Line, a hypothetical line between Afghanistan and Pakistan.