Only peace can secure our rights, believe Ghazni women


GHAZNI: Women from southern Ghazni province in a rally on Tuesday called on all parties engaged in the Afghan conflict to put an end to war and agree on peace.

They emphasized that war has been an obstacle to women’s improvement and prosperity as it deprived them of education, health services and civil rights.

Nargis, who attended the gathering, stressed that their rights could only be protected in the presence of peace.

“The war has held back youths from development in all areas. We will do our best to bring all parties to peace so that our lives can be secured,” said Nahida Hasniar, a member of the Youth High Council of Ghazni province.

Participants in the rally supported peace talks, stating that blood could not be cleansed with blood, “The government and the Taliban should exercise flexibility and come up with a solution to this crisis.” 

Ghazni is a province where people have fallen prey to continuous conflicts between the government and Taliban while the affected families ask humanitarian organizations time and again for assistance