Kandahar war victims plead warring sides for a truce


KANDAHAR: Bereaved families in southern Kandahar province call on the parties into conflict to end the bloodshed, urging for a nationwide ceasefire.

They told Orbandnews on Tuesday that they were tired of war and had long been waiting for peace. “We hope the warring parties will agree to a truce soon.”

Nooria is a woman from Kandahar province, who lost her husband and a son to the ongoing conflict.

“My life has become difficult after the death of my husband and son, but I still hope that peace will come and other women will not suffer like me,” Nooria said.

Many other war-ravaged women had similar stories and hoped intra-Afghan peace talks would produce an outcome where everyone could see and experience peace and prosperity.

Kandahar has turned into one of the unstable provinces where Taliban and Afghan forces frequently engage in violent clashes.