Government committed to protect past gains: Abdullah


KABUL: The Chairman of the National Reconciliation Council Abdullah Abdullah has said the government and the international community insist on the preservation of the achievements made over the past nineteen years and they would not be compromised in peace negotiations.
During his meeting with women’s rights activists in Heart, Abdullah stressed that the government will not accept going back to the years before 2001, and both the Afghan government and the international communities are committed to protecting gains made over around past two decades.
Many women who attended the meeting underlined that women’s rights and accomplishments made in nearly the past two decades should not be compromised in peace talks. 
Sakina Hussaini, a member of Herat’s provincial council, said Afghan women and other community members made great strides in past years, and their achievements should be preserved.
On the other hand, a civil society activist Suraya Pakzad said that they want durable peace so no other Afghan again loses their lives to further conflicts.
Based on Islamic rules, women have the right to get an education and have a job and we do not want these rights to be violated in any political processes, she said.
Zahra Karamat is another woman from Heart who is eager for a peaceful life. “I want to live under the shadows of peace, which is the right of all the people. Human dignity and their rights are necessary to be sheltered,” she added.
It is worth mentioning that some women in Herat have already supported ongoing peace talks in various meetings and insisted their rights should not be compromised during the negotiations.