Senators not optimistic on Imran Khan’s trip to Kabul


Kabul:  A number of Meshrano Jirga or Senate members on Sunday said they were not optimistic about the positive outcome of Pakistani prime minister’s upcoming visit from Kabul.

A senator from Kapisa province, Mohayuddin Munsif, talking to today’s meeting of the upper house said that Pakistani and Afghan officials in the past too had exchanged trips between the two countries, but without any impacts as militants fighting in Afghanistan were still supported by the neighbour country.

He hoped Pakistan will change its policy towards Afghanistan and press insurgent groups to stop an insurgency and join the peace process.

A number of other senators held similar views and asked Pakistan to reconsider its policies regarding Afghanistan. 
Senate chairman, Mohammad Alam Ezdyar said, “We have years of experience in trips between the two countries, but unfortunately it did not produce any positive impact on the situation of Afghanistan, we hope Pakistan will show its honesty about Afghanistan this time and put needed pressure on the Taliban.”

He said that despite the recent exchange of trips between Afghan and Pakistani officials, the situation worsened in Afghanistan and the neighbour country still supported militants.
Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan is expected to visit Kabul on the official invitation of the Afghan government this week.