Taliban prisoners’ release for ceasefire was futile: Abdullah


Herat: Abdullah Abdullah, chairman of High Council for National Reconciliation, expressed concern over continued violence by Taliban militants, saying the release of Taliban inmates was for a ceasefire but it did not produce any results.

 Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, head of HCNR expressed the views during a meeting with women in western Herat province on Saturday.
“The release of Taliban’s prisoners was for the hope that they will end the war and agree on a ceasefire, but unfortunately these efforts did not yield any results for at least a humanitarian ceasefire,” he said.

Abdullah said that regional countries were involved in the war in Afghanistan and it was out of the government’s control to stop it.
The Afghan negotiating team is giving all efforts for ensuring a dignified peace in the country, but if the efforts do not produce any results, then the issues discussed in peace talks would be left for the people to decide, he said.

A number of women in Herat criticized the government’s position in peace negotiations with the Taliban and said violence has intensified in the country with the Taliban prisoner’s release.

Sakina Nikzad, one of them women in the conference said, “Mr. Abdullah, why are you bowing your head to the Taliban? Why are you not negotiating with them from a strong position?”

“We are witness of the high level of violence with each passing day since the Taliban prisoners have released, we cannot travel to Karakh district which is only 30 kilometres away from the provincial capital,” another participant, Sakina Husaini said.