Ghazni resident invents solar-powered vehicle, promotes peace-building


GHAZNI: Musa Khan Rezayee, a resident of southern Ghazni, has innovated a solar-powered car that can move for 100 kilometers on a single drive.

The car was for the first time driven in the capital of Ghazni province on Friday and it was also carrying a peace slogan in Pashto, Dari and English languages that read “We want peace.”

Musa Khan Rezayee said that if there were peace in the country, people could make progress in many other fields and that it was the war that held the society backward.

“The reason I attached the message of peace on my car on the first drive was to discourage war and work for building a peace that can pave way for more innovations,” he said.

This car can move 100 kilometers on a single drive powered by 126 Ampere solar power. A small battery is used as a backup for the vehicle if there is no sun.

Rezayee said that he spent 300,000 Afghanis on his first innovation but the cost can be reduced in his future productions.

Ghazni residents and officials encouraged the innovation and said the Afghan people had the capability of making more inventions in various fields if the war ended and peace was ensured in the country.