France pledges to urge US not to withdraw from Afghanistan & Iraq


KABUL: Following the US president’s accelerated efforts to withdraw all troops from Afghanistan, France has asked the US to reconsider its decisions regarding troop pullout.

French Jean-Yves Le Drian Friday said that his country would make it clear for the US to avoid unilateral withdrawal from Afghanistan and Iraq during a visit of the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to Paris next week.

Drian and French President Emmanuel Macron are expected to meet with Pompeo in Paris next Monday.

These statements from France come as US media reported that the US President Donald Trump had made changes in key military positions of the country in order to accelerate troop withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Based on the US-Taliban deal signed on February 29, all US and its allies’ troops are expected to withdraw by May 2021.

However, Trump in a tweet on October 7 had said that all US troops will be withdrawn from Afghanistan by the end of 2020.