Pay heed to journalists’ lives, warring parties urged


BALKH: Journalists from northern Balkh province have expressed concern over increased attacks and threats against media society, asking conflict parties to take care of the lives of the media people during the war.

Talking to OrbandNews, a number of media representatives in Balkh said that attacks on journalists meant attacking freedom of speech and press.

Referring to recent attacks targeting two journalists in Kabul and Helmand provinces, they condemned the assaults and asked warring sides to pay heed to the lives of media persons.

Balkh journalists believed that Afghan media outlets were impartial during the war; therefore, they should not be subject to any damages by any side.

Journalists blame the government for its failure to protect them or take any security measures in this regard.

On Thursday, an Azadi Radio journalist Ilyas Dayee was killed in a sticky bomb blast in Lashkargah, the capital of Helmand province. Three others, including Dayee’s brother and a child, were wounded in the incident.

Yama Seyawash, a former Tolo News presenter was also killed in a similar attack in Kabul on November 7.