McMaster dubs Trump’s US-Taliban deal a ‘biggest failure’


KABUL: The former US National Security Advisor Herbert McMaster terms Donald Trump administration’s approach to Afghanistan the ‘biggest failure’ of its foreign policy.

“Afghanistan is the biggest failure of the Trump administration’s foreign policy. We (the United States) prioritized the US troops’ departure so much that made us ally with the Taliban against the elected government of Afghanistan”, said Herbert McMaster.

“I think what we see right now in Afghanistan is the beginning of a humanitarian catastrophe in this country,” warned McMaster.

He indicated that the status quo might probably revert to the situation where the Taliban and jihadist groups regain control of the region, as well as the drug trade, and become a great threat to the rest of the world.

This comes as incumbent President Trump failed to secure a second term in the White House as he lost the US Presidential Election to Joe Biden.  

While many in Afghanistan welcomed Biden’s election, the Taliban group wasn’t seemingly in favor. The majority in Afghanistan is of the view that Biden wouldn’t stage a Trump-like hasty and irresponsible withdrawal of foreign troops, a potential policy change that would help in achieving long-lasting peace.

This is while the insurgent group has already asked the President-elect Biden to stay the course in the peace process, fearing that he may renege on his predecessor’s Doha agreement with them.