No winner or loser in peace parleys: HCNR Chairman Abdullah


KABUL:  Chairman of the High Council for National Reconciliation (HCNR) Abdullah Abdullah has termed the ongoing peace process an ‘exceptional’ opportunity for bringing to a halt the 40-year old conflict in Afghanistan.

In a visit to western Herat province on Thursday, Abdullah called on the Taliban to comprehend this opportunity because a political settlement was the only viable option.

A statement from his office on Friday said Abdullah was in Herat to attend the 9th round of Herat Security Dialogue, as well as exchange views with Heratis on the peace process.

Abdullah during his remarks acknowledged that the primary demand of Afghans was peace and an end to ongoing war and violence.

“People may ask why is there violence and fighting when Afghan and the Taliban delegations are engaged in talks in Doha. In my view, there is no winner and loser in peace talks,” he said.

Abdullah also urged the Taliban to show flexibility in the talks in Doha while condemning the spike in the level of violence as unacceptable.