Azerbaijan pronounces war in Afghanistan illegitimate


KABUL: A joint conference hosting 21 Islamic countries and four international Islamic organizations have declared the ongoing war in Afghanistan illegal.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, Afghanistan’s Ministry for Hajj and Religious Affairs said that participants of the virtual conference called on the warring parties in Afghanistan to make peace a priority and halt the war. 

The forum organized by Azerbaijan opened with speeches from the Mufti of Azerbaijan, the head of the Caucasus Muslim Organization, Shaykh al-IslamullahShukarBashazadeh, and Ali Mohi-ud-Din al-Qaradaghi, the deputy head of the International Union of Islamic Scholars.

They shared their insights regarding the various aspects of the Islamic world and solutions to their problems.

“The current war in Afghanistan was forbidden,” the speakers concurred while calling on all parties to stop the conflicts and prioritize peace.

On his part, Mohammad Qasim Halimi, the acting Hajj and Religious Affairs Minister of Afghanistan, spoke on behalf of Afghanistan and thanked the contributors for their stance on the war in Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, the participants supported the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, a just solution to the Palestinian conflict within the international law framework and establishment of peace in Syria, Libya, and other regions.