Irrational to engage in talks, wage war concurrently: ICRC


The International Committee of the Red Cross has urged the warring parties to cease victimizing civilians and public infrastructure.

Robert Mardini, the ICRC representative recently appointed to Afghanistan, addressing a conference on Wednesday termed peace talks and conflict going hand in hand as irrational.

He expressed concern over attacks on civilians and public facilities and said practical steps should be taken for the protection of people and public areas.

“Peace talks from one side and conflict on the other side are not irrational. Engaged parties should take action for reducing violence and stop targeting civilians and public facilities,” he added.

He asked the negotiating teams of the intra-Afghan talks to observe all human rights during their talks and said a reduction in violence could help people achieve their rights.

Mardini admitted ICRC couldn’t compel the parties to reduce violence but it still strived to persuade them for a de-escalation in order to protect civilians.

This comes as the intra-Afghan peace talks that were launched on Sept. 12 have made no tangible breakthrough so far while violence on the ground in Afghanistan is increasing day by day.