Taliban want to target civil society activists: Saleh


KABUL: First Vice President Amrullah Saleh said that intelligence findings showed the Taliban had decided to target civil society activists with a motive to create distance between the government and the public.

In a Facebook post, Saleh on Wednesday said that the National Directorate of Security (NDS) findings show the Taliban by targeting civil society activists tried to distort the public mind and make people lose trust in the government.

“I do not say this for scaring you, but I want to expose the real face of the enemy based on the intelligence information. I call on civil society activists to unite their voices and call on the Taliban and their supporters that they cannot break the will of the people by violence and terrorism,” he said.

Saleh said that those who had spread terrifying speculations against schools on social media had been arrested and their motives for the propaganda would be revealed through an official statement in the near future.

He said that a female teacher who first spread horrifying rumors in one of Kabul schools was also identified and arrested.

A few days back, some rumors went viral on social media, stating that militants have warned to target girls’ schools in capital Kabul city.