Tribal solidarity can help bring peace, stability: Baghlan people


BALKH: Local officials and religious scholars of Baghlan have said that unity of different ethnic groups would help bring peace to the war-torn country.

A conference was organized by Baghlan Tribal Affairs Department aimed at supporting the peace process, Afghan security forces, republican system and a permanent ceasefire.

Acting Baghlan governor, Zabihullah Ehsas, who also attended the event, said that solidarity of people was important for lasting peace and stability in the country.

Religious scholars and tribal elders in the conference asked the warring parties to stop ongoing violence by announcing a permanent ceasefire and agree on peace.

Intra-Afghan negotiations between the Afghan government and the Taliban started on September 12 in Doha in order to find a settlement to the decades-long conflict in Afghanistan.

However, no advances have so far been made in the process and violence at home has alarmingly spiked, leaving at least a hundred people killed and wounded on daily basis.