Uzbekistan, Iran stress need for violence reduction in Afghanistan


KABUL: The Islamic republics of Iran and Uzbekistan emphasized that the significant strides in easing the Afghan people’s affliction are peace, violence reduction, and a comprehensive ceasefire in the country.

On Monday, the Iranian Foreign Ministry’s representative for Afghanistan Affairs, Mohammad Ebrahim Taherain, and his counterpart from Uzbekistan, Ismatulla Irgashev, met and held talks regarding Afghanistan’s current situation, primarily Afghan negotiations ongoing in Doha.

The bilateral talks included representatives’ views, assessments, and concerns concentrating on the negotiations which have made no notable breakthrough yet.

The envoys stressed the need for a reduction in violence in the country and the establishment of a nationwide ceasefire, affirming these were crucial steps towards alleviating the problems facing the Afghan people.

According to them, negotiations and reaching an understanding were the only ways for establishing durable stability and peace in Afghanistan.