Taliban insist on Doha agreement to end Afghan conflict


KABUL: The Taliban have asked the new American president-elect to remain vigilant of war-mongering circles, contending that sticking to the US-Taliban deal signed in February would be reasonable in putting an end to the Afghan conflict.

A statement from the group on Tuesday called the Doha agreement an excellent document for bringing an end to the war and for a better future for both countries.

“Withdrawal of all US forces from Afghanistan, non-interference in our country and not allowing the use of Afghanistan to threaten America is in the interest of both our peoples and our nations,” it added.

The future American president and administration need to be vigilant of war-mongering circles, individuals and groups that seek to perpetuate the war and to keep America mired in conflict in order to pursue their own personal interests and maintain power.

This comes as Joe Biden beat President Donald Trump to become the 46th US president in the country’s presidential election.