“Preserve past gains, ensure journalists’ safety in peace talks”


BALKH: Several organizations supporting media and journalists in Kunduz province on Monday stressed reporters’ security and safety in the peace negotiations.

At a funeral reception for Yama Siyawash, former political affairs anchor of Tolo TV, the participants stated that warring parties should discuss journalists’ security in the peace agreement.

This comes as late Siyawash lost his life on Saturday in a sticky bomb blast in the heart of capital Kabul city.

In the past two decades, the Afghan media had gained significant achievements that needed to be preserved, Kunduz journalists believed.

The agendas and topics being discussed in the negotiations must be shared with the country’s media and local people, they stressed.

Participants in the gathering underlined that if the media didn’t participate in the peace talks and their rights weren’t preserved, this would lead to negative significances.