Taliban don’t believe in a peaceful solution to war: 2nd VP Danish


KABUL: Second Vice President Sarwar Danish on Monday blamed the Taliban for inordinate delays in the ongoing Doha peace talks. 

At a press conference here in Kabul, he said the Taliban were “the main obstacle” for progress in the peace negotiations in Doha while lashing out at the group for their lack of dedication to a peaceful solution to the war in the country.

Danish blamed the Taliban for the stalemate in the talks, saying the group had shown no flexibility in its position.

Danish also called on the soon-to-be US administration to review and evaluate the country’s decisions regarding the Afghan peace process, stressing there was a need for support to the process from all sides.

This comes as there has been no significant progress made in the intra-Afghan talks that were launched on Sept. 12 in Doha of Qatar because the negotiating sides are still bogged down in finalizing the technicalities.

It remains to be seen whether the new government, led by Joe Biden, will accept the US-Taliban deal signed in February or make a new decision in this regard.

Meanwhile, the Taliban have called on Biden to abide by the Doha accord and withdraw its forces from Afghanistan.