Peace movement protestors call on US to reduce violence


KABUL: The People’s Peace Movement (PPM) has urged the US to reduce the level of violence, saying the country could either continue the war or bring peace to Afghanistan.

Members of the People’s Peace Movement staged a set-in protest on Friday in front of the US embassy in Kabul city, stating that the US should press the Taliban and the Afghan government to reduce the violence.

“Peace and war are in the hands of the US. The US should use its influence to reduce violence,” said Khalilullah Rahmani, deputy head of the PPM.

“We want an end to the bloodshed in Afghanistan,” said Malik Zewar, a member of the PPM.

The protestors also called on the US to convince both sides of a lasting ceasefire in the country. “We want peace in the county that should be ensured soon,” said Malik Darya, another member of the PPM.

“Foreign intervention has fueled war in the country,” said Qareeb Ur Rahman, another member of PPM.

The US embassy in Kabul hasn’t said anything about the protest so far; however, the members of PPM say that their protests will continue until they get a serious commitment regarding reduction in violence.