Attacks on Afghan civil institutions ‘unacceptable’: Female Afghan negotiators


KABUL: Female negotiators of the Afghan government say the recent uptick in violence and attacks on civil institutions, like the one on Kabul university earlier this week, are not “acceptable” and there is an urgent need for a declaration of a ceasefire in the country.

 “The negotiators while pointing to the recent uptick in violence called the attacks on civil institutions unacceptable and urged the declaration of a ceasefire as the main demand of the Afghan nation,” the Afghan Peace Negotiation Team said in a statement.

Fatima Gailani, Fawzia Koofi, Habiba Surabi and Sharif Zurmati, were the four female negotiators who discussed these topics in a video conference with NATO’s Civil Representative in Afghanistan, Stefano Pontecorvo, and ambassadors of the 15 NATO member countries.

Besides discussing the ongoing peace efforts, they also emphasized the importance of women’s presence and representation in the peace process and all its related affairs.

Afghanistan on Monday was witness to one of the worst attacks on its educational institutions.

Three Daesh members attacked the Kabul university campus on Monday morning and opened indiscriminate fire on students and lecturers, leaving 22 people dead and 40 injured.