Zabulis deem Afghan war a business, call for its end at once


ZABUL: A huge gathering of people from Zabul province has called on the warring sides to immediately stop ongoing violence and actively continue intra-Afghan talks for reaching a lasting peace in Afghanistan.

The gathering organized by Rana Civil Society Institute was attended by acting Zabul governor, provincial council members, Islamic scholars, Ulema, youths, civil society activists, women and hundreds of ordinary people.

Acting Zabul Governor Enayatullah Khan Hotak talking to the gathering said that the Afghan war had turned into a business and the Taliban received guidance from foreigners to keep the conflict flaming.

He said that civilians were the main victims of the ongoing war and it should be put to an end as soon as possible.

Ulema, women, youths and other people also talked in the gathering and said that Afghans had since long wanted peace, asking conflict parties to stop killing Afghans for their own personal interests and power.

They said that Zabul was known for its revolutionary and upraising moves and people should wake up and rise against ongoing miseries.

The gathering for peace in Zabul comes as no progress has so far been made in the intra-Afghan talks which started nearly two months ago in Qatar.