Eastern Ulema call for end to war, bloodshed of Afghans


NANGARHAR: Around a thousand Islamic scholars in a gathering in Jalalabad, the capital of Nangarhar province, have lent credence to the ongoing peace negotiations, asking for an end to war and the bloodshed of Afghans.

The participants of the gathering that was held in Sherzai Stadium of Jalalabad city on Thursday also included scholars from neighboring Kunar and Laghman provinces, Madrasa students and female scholars.

The Ulema condemned attacks on educational and Islamic centers and termed them acts of ignorance.

Nangarhar Governor Ziaul Haq Amarkhel talking to the gathering expressed gratitude to Ulema for their voice against the bloodshed of Afghans and hoped ongoing violence in the country would come to an end.

“Everything has an end and the war should also be ended; Ulema can play a great role in this regard as they can spread the message of peace through mosques,” he said.

An Islamic scholar, Zia Rahmanullah Yar, said that the aim of the gathering was for the unity of the eastern zone’s Ulema and their support to peace talks and end of the conflict in the country.

“Attacks on seminaries and educational centers are carried out by paid murderers; they look like humans but they are worse than wild animals. It’s an act against Islam and anyone doing so is not a Muslim,” he said.

Mulavi Sayed Waliullah, an Islamic scholar from Kunar province, said that they joined the gathering to denounce attacks on educational centers and Madrasas and encourage the government to pay attention to seminaries.

A cleric from Laghman province, Mulavi Baher, called on the Taliban to agree on peace and shun violence. He said that continued war would lead only to the destruction and backwardness of the country, more dependence on others and lack of prosperity.

A number of seminary students also joined the gathering, urging for an end to war and ensuring peace in the country.

Fakhria, a female scholar and principal of Baraq Madrasa, which is a girls’ seminary in Nangarhar province, said that they were tired of war and bloodshed and hoped for the return of peace.

She said that no one felt safe in war and no parents had the courage to send their children to Madrassas due to conflicts and insecurity in all parts of the country.

She called on the government and Taliban to declare a permanent ceasefire and then reach an agreement on a lasting peace.