Enraged Kabul citizens stage protest against Kabul attack


KABUL: Agonized Kabul citizens have staged a protest to condemn Monday’s terrorist attack on Kabul University that killed at least 22 people, mostly students, and injured as many others.

Hundreds of citizens gathered in front of the Kabul University campus and strongly condemned yesterday’s deadly attack, chanting anti-terrorism and extremism slogans.

“Terrorists can’t defeat us, we will resist and prevail to build a bright future for ourselves,” said Esmatullah one of the demonstrators, demanding justice for the victims and prosecution of the perpetrators.

Posters of the demonstrators read: “We are many! You won’t have enough bullets to kill us all!”

The protestors also asked the government to take further measures to strengthen the security of educational centers as terrorists had resorted to attacking educational centers in recent months.

They also called on the government to end the ongoing peace talks in Doha if the Taliban weren’t ready to accept a ceasefire.

The attack on Kabul University began on Monday morning and ended after all three attackers were killed by the security forces during nearly five hours of a gun battle and security operation.

The victims included students, lecturers and administrative employees.