Lawmakers ask US to support Afghan Govt. for peace


KABUL: The Upper House or Mesharano Jirga has demanded the US to act according to the Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) and support the Afghan government and people for long-lasting peace and stability.

On Sunday, the Senate asked the government to communicate with the US regarding their military bases dismantling, stressing that these facilities should be handed to the Afghan security forces transparently.

The Meshrano Jirga member voiced concern that these security installations belonging to the foreign forces might be torn down in vain.

 They believed that the US was destroying their facilities before their departure or moving them to Pakistan.

This comes despite US Forces Spokesperson Col. Sonny Leggett had earlier said that they would hand over their military bases to the Afghan government.

 “The US-led forces in Afghanistan are committed to assisting and funding the Afghan National and Defense Forces through a training and advisory mission, and to assist the Afghan National and Defense Forces (ANSF) in defense when needed, in accordance with the US-Taliban Defense Agreement,” he had said.