Taliban deem truce 'irrational' before progress in talks


KABUL: The Taliban have accused the government of deliberately posing challenges in the ongoing peace talks by, what they say, making provocative statements, encouraging war and insulting their fighters’ bodies on the battlefield.

The insurgent group on their website, Al-Emarah, alleged there were some circles and people purposely striving to create problems for the ongoing negotiations.

“They emphasize on irrational ways instead of returning to the main points of the problem,” said the insurgent group of the Afghan government.

Taliban says that these figures made provocative statements over finding procedural rules for negotiations, encouraged others to war and distributed weapons, insult slain insurgents in the battlefield and mostly played a negative role in the whole peace process.

The group says that declaring a ceasefire before making any breakthroughs in peace negotiations was irrational as there existed the ‘occupation’ and an un-Islamic system.

A temporary ceasefire apparently looked very dear but such rhetoric and push were used for wicked intentions, the group believed.