Nangarhar residents urge Taliban to cease fighting


NANGARHAR: Residents, tribal elders and youths of eastern Nangarhar’s Chaparhar district called for a ceasefire and expressed support for the peace process, urging the Taliban to cease fighting lest they missed the opportunity for peace.

Tribal leader Malik Mahkam Khan Dawlatzai demanded that the Afghan government and the Taliban must first agree on a permanent ceasefire in order to achieve peace.

He said that people are thirsty for peace and without peace, life would be full of problems and the development of the country would be impossible.

Another tribal elder, Malik Faizullah Omar, insisted that the negotiating sides in Qatar should fulfill the Afghan people’s aspirations with sincerity and hard work.

He said that with the continuation of peace talks in the country, conflict’s escalation was for personal gains and that the Taliban should stop fighting.

Scholars, tribal elders and youth have called for an end to the fratricide in the country and vowed to spread their voice to prevent war and strive to put an end to it across the country.