Qatar set to play conciliator’s role to break Doha deadlock


KABUL: Following no significant advances in the ongoing intra-Afghan talks in Doha for more than one and a half months, Qatar has reportedly come to the fore to mediate the parleys and break the deadlock.

The negotiating sides – the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Taliban – have been engaged in talks since Sept. 12 but their discussions have predominantly arrived at a stalemate due to disputes over finalizing the working procedure for more substantive negotiations.

Reports suggest it has been arranged that if the status quo persists, the host country of Qatar would intervene in order to reach an effective and agreeable solution and pave way for talks to put an end to war-ridden Afghanistan’s mire.

Abdul Hakim Mujahid, the High Peace Council’s former head, has stressed the need for a facilitator between the negotiating teams for breaking the stalemate.  

“It turns out that the talks have come to a complete standstill and no progress is being made. There is a serious need for a facilitator to get us out of this situation. I think Qatar can play a better role,” he underlined. 

The development is mainly attributed to the US Special Envoy for Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad’s meeting with the Commander of US Forces in Afghanistan, Gen. Scott Miller, and the Taliban deputy leader Mullah Baradar.