Jawzjan women to launch advocacy campaigns if barred from peace talks


BALKH: Women’s rights advocates in Jawzjan province say they have resolved to work for preserving their rights during the peace talks and afterward.

At a gathering organized on Tuesday in Shiberghan city, the provincial capital, these women’s rights activists believed they should be given a part in all key national and crucial processes.

The meeting was held by the Afghanistan Human Rights Organization (AHRO) in collaboration with civil society organizations, women’s rights advocates, and youth.

“If the Taliban restrict our participation in the peace process and other spheres, we would try to forcibly achieve our rights,” the activists warned.

They stated that Afghan women had made significant achievements in the past twenty years and nothing should be allowed to reverse that progress.

Maghfrat Samimi, the AHRO head in Jawzjan province, underlined there was no way to overlook women’s involvement and role in the peace negotiations.

If the Taliban prevented women from partaking in the peace talks and afterward, women would launch major advocacy campaigns for their rights, he warned.

This comes as several non-governmental organizations are operating in the province for ensuring women’s privileges and rights.