Clerics demand chance to convince Taliban of war’s prohibition


NANGARHAR: Religious scholars in eastern provinces have called for a ceasefire and emphasized peace in a gathering. They insisted that fighting in Afghanistan was forbidden in Islam and the Taliban must cease shedding the blood of Afghans.

At a meeting organized on Wednesday, they called on the government to send them on behalf of the Afghan Government if the negotiating delegation couldn’t sway representatives of the Taliban regarding the forbiddenness (state of being Haram) of war in Islam.

Religious Scholars in the eastern zone are committed to doing so, said Mawlawi Mohammad Sadiq.

He further added: “I urge the government to call back the negotiating team that they sent and instead send religious scholars since they would go along well with the Taliban’s representatives who are clerics.”

Religious scholar Mawlawi Hafiz-ul-Haq Qari reflected the position of scholars in the eastern zone by saying that both warring sides should compromise and think beyond their personal demands.

This comes as earlier in the day, the Taliban issued a statement urging religious scholars not to issue fatwas against the Taliban’s war in the country.