Taliban term Ulema’s Fatwas on Afghan war ‘void’


KABUL: The Taliban have flayed Afghan Ulema’s Fatwa of declaring the ongoing war in Afghanistan as illegitimate, saying they should desist from issuing such void edicts and avoid empty judgments.

Earlier this week, several Islamic scholars in a gathering declared the ongoing war in Afghanistan as unlawful, calling on the warring parties to end the violence and bloodshed in the country. 

However, the Taliban Spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid in reaction said “a number of supposed Ulama councils inside and outside the country, who have endured not a single day of hardship in Jihad nor have they any firsthand knowledge of the Afghan situation, have unfortunately issued fatwas (edicts) and ruled this great Jihad unlawful.”

Praising the Taliban fighters as pious citizens, he said “If any scholar is skeptical about the legitimacy of the ongoing Jihad or lacks information, then they must desist from issuing void fatwas and must follow religious principles by foremost acquiring extensive knowledge about the situation, hearing the arguments of Mujahideen, and then passing judgments about issues.”

Mujahid said the Taliban had initiated their Jihad against US invaders to establish a ‘pure’ Islamic system, something that they pursued through apt use of the so-called Jihad.

“We understand full well that these plots are instigated and backed by enemy circles that shall not affect the ongoing Jihadic activities,” he concluded.