Disputes remain unresolved, no progress made in Doha talks: HCNR


KABUL: Afghanistan’s High Council for National Reconciliation (HCNR) says that no progress has been made to remove differences between the negotiation teams of the Afghan government and the Taliban on agreeing on procedural rules for talks.

The working principles and regulations are necessary to be completed before the two negotiating teams move to the next phase of the talks.

The two sides have already agreed on 18 of the 20 points of the rules and regulations and only two points remained unresolved.

The Taliban stress that the US-Taliban agreement should be the only document based on which intra-Afghan talks should continue while the Afghan government says a joint declaration signed with NATO should form the basis for talks.

“The differences have not been solved and there is no progress made in this regard,” Faridoon Khwazoon, spokesman for the HCNR told OrbandNews.

He said that it was unclear when will be the differences resolved.

Intra-Afghan talks were formally launched on September 12 but no tangible advances have so far been made in the negotiations while conflicts at home have escalated to an alarming level.