Afghanistan welcomes OIC call for truce, support to peace talks


KABUL: Afghan government on Wednesday welcomed the Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC)’s call for an immediate ceasefire and its demand from the warring parties in Afghanistan to resort to the negotiations as the only way forward to achieve lasting peace in the war-torn country.

A statement from the Presidential Palace said that the Afghan government supported OIC’s call for ending violence and using dialogue as a way of bringing peace and reconciliation to Afghanistan.

OIC Tuesday in a statement asked the Afghan warring parties to stop fighting and focus on finding a resolution to the conflict in intra-Afghan talks which started on September 12 in Qatar.

The organization also expressed concern over the spike in violence and the high rate of casualties in Afghanistan and called on the negotiating parties to reduce conflicts, declare a ceasefire and resort to talks as the only way forward for ensuring peace.

The statement from OIC comes as no tangible advances have so far been made in intra-Afghan talks while conflicts at home have escalated to an alarming level.