Nangarhar students undergo training on peace, conflict resolution


NANGARHAR: Nangarhar University officials say they organize occasional workshops for university students and train them on how to keep away from violence and work for peace in their country.

The officials say that several students attended a five-day dispute resolution and peacebuilding program during the ongoing week. They were also awarded certificates at completion.

Dr. Khalil Ahmad Behsudwal, Nangarhar University chancellor, stressed working for peace-building in the Afghan society and said programs regarding peace and conflict resolution were effective in spreading a positive impression in the public mind.

He said that students should be kept away from the culture of war and instead equipped with education.

Nangarhar University was founded around 50 years ago and some students a few years back damaged the reputation of the university with their extreme views, he said, adding “but now it has turned into a center of peace and students are protected from violent thoughts.”