Willing to pardon Taliban for killing my four sons: Qayum


KANDAHAR: Abdul Qayum, the father of four policemen who were killed on duty by the Taliban in southern Kandahar, urges warring sides to make peace.

He told OrbandNews on Tuesday that he would forgive his sons’ killers for the sake of peace. “War only brings misfortune, so instead of fighting, everyone should think of peace.”

On the other hand, Mawlawi Abdul Qawi Sahibzad, a religious scholar from Kandahar, said that it was every religious scholar’s responsibility to explain the value of peace to people, as well as encourage the public in this regard.

Sahibzad believed that working for peace was the duty of the entire nation; therefore, it shouldn’t be limited to the government alone.

“It’s high time for an immediate end to the fighting and a permanent ceasefire,” he concluded.